Lord of the P.I.G.S.

Lord of the P.I.G.S.



“Lord of the P.I.G.S. keeps the light hearted theme, however there is serious amounts of satire”


“Lord of the P..I.G.S. is a filler that, on top of  being funny, explains us how the world works”


“Lord of the P.I.G.S. couples humour, originality and simplicity.”

The Lord of the P.I.G.S. is a game for 4 players and takes up to 30 minutes to complete. It will come in a convenient, portable box that holds all the contents you need to play, anytime, anywhere:

  • 4 different Action decks (1 for each Character) with a total of 124 cards
  • 4 Special Ability cards, one for each Character
  • 1 Event deck with 20 cards.
  • 5 score markers.
  • Rulebook


Each player takes up the role of one of the economy’s pillars: President of the Republic, Chief Banker, Corporate Director and Energy Tycoon. Each pillar, or Character, has an associated variable, that represents its interests. There’s a 5th non playable Actor that represents the interests of the People, with its own variable associated. Your goal:

Further your own interests and decide the fate of the masses!


The game is based around 2 central mechanics:

  • SUBMITTING ACTIONS: The players submit Actions to alter the economy and mold it to their interests. Each Action has a support threshold to be activated.
  • VOTING ACTIONS: The players choose to which submitted Actions they will give their support through Voting. Once a submitted Action reaches its Votes threshold, it is activated and influences the 5 Ratings.


However, to spice things up, the game contains 3 secondary mechanics to ensure plenty of suprises and backstabbing in each gaming session:

  • SPECIAL ACTION CARDS: Some Action cards can be used for a special effect, in addition to the normal uses of submitting and voting. Some let you rig the voting system at the last minute, while others let you modify the effects of activated Actions. Enjoy!
  • EVENT CARDS: The Event deck contains cards that represent unpredictable occurrences in the economy and society. Those Events change the gameplay, forcing the players to adapt.
  • SPECIAL ABILITIES: Each player has a unique special abiliy, that they can use once per game at any time to surprise their opponents!

“The Lord of the P.I.G.S. – Pata Negra” is the update of the game we funded through our patrons on Kickstarter late 2014. Due to the large amount of players that asked us about a version both in Spanish and more centered about the reality of that country, we decided to release an updated edition through Verkami in May 2015.

Despite the predictions of the national gurus, the economic downturn has hit the sunny lands of Meridia! And it has hit hard, so hard that the Republic’s bigwigs have fled the country for the greener pastures of diverse fiscal paradises, taking their ill-gotten fortunes with them. The country is in disarray, in dire need of new leaders…

And that’s where you come in. Will you rekindle the fire of Meridia’s economy, while assuring the quality of life of its citizens? Or will you use your privileged position to amass a personal fortune?

Up to you to decide!
Lord of the P.I.G.S. is a fast-paced multiplayer economy simulation game set in the fictional Republic of Meridia, a melting pot of southern European countries. You and your friends will take the role of Meridia’s leaders and will vie for economic supremacy through presentation meetings, voting sessions, public opinion polls, unexpected events and widespread backstabbing.

In The Lord of the P.I.G.S. you’ll act as of one of the cornerstones of Meridia’s economy. But before choosing your role, you may be interested in knowing more about their goals and how they intend to attain them.

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental… Or is it?

Silvio do Espírito Santo
, President of the Republic

There’s nothing in this life that you prefer to the lights and flashes of the cameras. They make you feel important, and are a nice reminiscence of your old days, when you were a star of the screen. Well… maybe that’s not true. Since you became Head of State, you’ve found something better in the masses roaring your name: “PRESIDENT! PRESIDENT!!” So your absolute priority is to secure your reelection for another term, and you know how to achieve it. Populist speeches, expensive Meridian tailored suits, and your best weapon: the combo of your perfect tanned skin and your pristine smile. The next election will be a cakewalk.


Emilio Papadopoulos, the Chief Banquer

“Money is the key to the world, and finance is the key to money” your father used to say. And you’ve adopted his wisdom as your motto. While some brand your practices as questionable at best, it is crystal clear that they work. Your finance empire grows every day, and as a result you have one finger in every pie, in Meridia and in a lot of countries worldwide. The crisis, while scary at first, has yielded a positive balance in your accounts after you pushed the correct buttons. Because when used properly, finance is not only a key, it is also a leash.


ch-yellow.smRui Fernàndez de Córdoba, the Energy Tycoon

Meridia is full of jealous people! They envy everything you own: the mansions, the yachts, the cars, the select parties and friends… And they have the nerve to say that you don’t deserve it all! Well, OK, there’s been some insider information here and there, some occasional deceptive billing and sometimes you’ve held monopolostic positions, true. But hey! That’s how business works! And the future looks even brighter, now that the foolish, short-lived energy efficiency hype has died… not to mention new energy sources in both the renewable and fossil fronts. You can’t stop progress, that’s for sure!


Aristoteles D’Aquila, the Corporate Director

You remember it clearly: “He’s not going to make it”, “Nobody can save the Holding from fading into oblivion”, “Meridia’s position in the global economy is an unsurmountable hindrance”… And despite it all, you saved your family’s business, and even expanded into new sectors. Yes, some sacrifices were needed, but that concerned mostly third parties. Acceptable losses, of course. You have got big plans for the future, as the world is full of opportunities if you know where to look: new markets, new product lines, and so on. The masses are eager for more trinkets and you are happy to oblige…

Here’s an unboxing, in Spanish, made by La mazmorra de Pacheco. Enjoy!


Interesting analysis and discussion about the game by the fantastic team of Gamer’s Couch. Note that they also picked the game as one of the surprises of 2015!

Co-designer Álvaro Lerma teams up with La Mazmorra de Pachecho‘s team to play the game. Video in spanish.


Libertad es la palabra que mejor define a Run, Bug, Run!, junto a competición, emoción, diversión y originalidad. Detrás de una temática infantil se esconde una apuesta con unas instrucciones sencillas de entender, pero completas y que obligan a jugar las primeras partidas con el manual al lado, para no olvidar ningún paso. A su modalidad básica se le pueden añadir varias reglas pensadas para dar aún más dinamismo.


“Lord of the P.I.G.S. keeps the light hearted theme, however there is serious amounts of satire”


“Lord of the P..I.G.S. is a filler that, on top of  being funny, explains us how the world works”

Barcedrid, Meridia, UE
1234 Some St
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